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Abdur Rahman Tower

Our very recent project in Narayanganj on 5 katha land. Starting from digital survey and soil test, our in-house team did everything from scratch.

Abdur Rahman Tower is a G+7 modern residential building with necessary amenities and a decent infrastructural outlook.

Shwapno Nir Tower is one of our recent residential project in Demra, Narayanganj on 7.25 katha land. Starting from site investigation with digital survey and soil test, our team of engineers provided architectural, structural, electrical and plumbing solution.

Shwapno Nir Tower


Apollo Hospital is located in Chashara, Narayanganj. The client had tight budget for rectification and front phases beautification. Our team delivered what the client expected.

Paikpara Jame Masjid is a project on 27.5 katha land located in Paikpara, Narayanganj. Our team is handling the whole project starting from the location investigation. This is an ongoing project and is currently being executed under he supervision of our principal engineer Modasser Billah.

Paikpara Jame Masjid