About Us

Empowering dreams through expertise, we blend passion and precision to redefine construction, engineering, and architectural excellence.

Welcome to the heart of innovation and excellence

Founded on the principles of integrity and commitment, we have evolved into a dynamic force in the construction, engineering, and architectural realms. Dive into our journey, discover our team’s unwavering dedication, and explore the values that drive us.

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Faisal Ahmed

Principal Architect

We Follow the Trends of Modern Day Design.

landscape design
3D design

Meet the Leadership behind IMC..

Our team is a diverse blend of certified professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table.

Founder + Owner
Abu Sayeed

Proven track record of asset management and project direction. Responsible for looking after overall company operations in locations nationwide.

Principal Architect
Faisal Ahmed

Bachelors in Architecture from AUST with 9 years of vast experience in exterior, interior, and landscaping design for residential and commercial infrastructures.

Principal Engineer
Modasser Billah

Bachelors and Masters in Civil Engineering from DUET with 10 years of practical experience in construction consultancy and management.

Real Estate Expert
Mostafa al mainul

16 years of experience in real estate management, market analysis, and helping clients find the best properties to invest in for maximum ROI.